Air Quality/IAQ Monitoring

By Adrian Thiedeman of Environmental Monitoring.

There is an increasing requirement to monitor the air for dust and gas in the streets where we live, work and play. There is also now an increasing movement to be able to monitor dust and gas within the workplace and home.

Environmental Monitoring has teamed up with an organisation that has spent many many years designing a reliable and stable monitor.

The monitor is able to detect fine respirable particulate & ambient gas levels to ppb concentrations.Together with GPS & remote datalogging the unit is able to detect and record the following :

PM1, PM2.5 and Pm10 simultaneously on real time basis by remote data logging. whilst addition to this it can monitor any 4 gases from a selection of (NO,NO2, O3, SO2,CO and H2S).There is also an option for CO2 monitoring and the unit can be configured to monitor VOC’s at the expense of one of the gases. The rate at which this is logged is used definable

The monitor offers a number of solutions to the user. It provides real time data that is remotely accessible,via a 4G or ethernet connection. It also has on board logging facility. Power: The unit is directly configurable f0r 90 to 230v AC or 7-24DC with an option to be solar powered

Stable : both electronically and environmentally. This means the “electronic noise” that could affect the low level operation of the unit has been reduced to a minimum. The case has been designed to ensure it allows perfect 4G/ethernet communications and a robust capability to withstand harsh environments. The unit is lightweight and can be pole or wall mounted

Set up time: typically 20mins

What is required?

Too often time is spent with expensive certification systems. Whilst this offers a certain course of validation, It is often costly, prevents innovation and competition but moreover it can nurture poor science. It is therefore important that monitoring is method related, not just instrument specific

So what we are seeking to develop is a good set of working practices. A standard method of ambient air monitoring for low cost multiparameter real time monitors

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