Air Quality Nuisance Monitoring

by Environmental Monitoring

Ref BS 5228 1-2009 The control of noise and vibration of construction sites and open sites came into practice on the 21st Feb 2014 and 3rd June 2014 respectively

Under section 71 of the Control of Pollution Act 1974, the Secretary of State may give guidance on appropriate methods for minimising noise by approving codes of practice. The Secretary of State is required to approve a code for the carrying out of works to which section 60 of the Act applies. Section 60 applies to construction works, which include building and road works, demolition, dredging and other works of engineering construction.

Section 60 and 61 Notices. These are used by the authority to impose specific conditions on the construction or demolition site. They may imposes certain conditions on the site such as : Working hours, Noise limits and Working practices

How can monitoring be undertaken reasonably and reliably. A real time monitoring device is usually placed at the boundary that requires monitoring or close to a point where nuisance may occur. The monitors monitor noise, vibration and dust on a real time basis. They have the ability to sent text alerts should a breach occur and can configured to provide a fully functioning report

Em-monitors is able to provide boundary monitoring equipment to your site either for hire or for sale. We can provide it direct to your site, provide connection help and supply training on how to configure your report. We can even provide monthly reports direct to you.

The most important part about any form of monitoring are:

Why we are monitoring? -Legislation

How we are monitoring: Method of monitoring ( protocol and guidance method)

What we are monitoring and accuracy. Equipment and validation of equipment

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