Real Time Workplace Dust & Gas Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring( supply a range of unique real time monitors designed for both workplace monitoring and indoor air quality.

The unique features: real time remote monitoring of dust and gas to any computer in the world. Alarm on critical levels via phone or visual indicator . The beauty of the product is that is so simple to set up and use : typically 20 mins

The number one question presented to Environmental Monitoring is can I monitor dust and gas, specifically NO2 in my work environment continuously and get some kind of visual warning when the quality of the air becomes poor. Well yes you can. There are now two options of monitoring device. The first, the airmite, continually monitors dust as fine particulate such as PM1, PM2.5 and PM10 together with a choice of 4 gas from NO2, NO, O3, SO2, CO2, CO as well as VOC’s by photo ionisation detector (pid). Data logging is real time and user definable from 1 second upwards

  • What makes it outstanding: The box is particularly well designed, not only will it with stand radio frequency interference (rfi) it will also with stand temp and relative humidity fluctuations in the harshest environments. The results it gives are both accurate and reliable

For cost effective, reliable monitoring for dust in you work place, office , building school, university ,hospital. Contact Environmental Monitoring. We can not only sell this product we also hire it. Hire Rates start from £450/week , Environmental Monitoring provide advice on sensor choice and locating the device. we provide a set up and reporting service

New Device Launch. From February a new handheld single gas and dust monitoring device is available. Contact for info

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