Workplace Exposure Monitoring Training

by Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring are approached by dozens of companies every week who yearn to learn a bit more of what appears to them as the “black art” of monitoring.

In most cases this is for “workplace exposure monitoring”Often what happens is that the client is under pressure to obtain something, some device that will provide results but all done at the lowest possible price.

In many cases an internet search will reveal a plethora of devices that can offer a myriad of results aligned to dust, gas and a whole host of parameters all for less the £100. It appears to good to be true, sadly it often is.

Currently, the current recognised method of monitoring is using a filter paper and pump. It would follow the following regime

  • What are we monitoring? dust, aerosol, gas
  • What is the method of monitoring?

Once we have the correct method of monitoring we can define

  • The type of equipment to use i.e pump and filter head,
  • The flow rate and settings
  • The calibration method
  • The method of sampling
  • Working with a laboratory and obtaining results
  • The calculations
  • Report Writing

The additional part of the jigsaw that is required to complete the above, is training. In order that you apply your work place exposure monitoring methods correctly you will require training. Environmental Monitoring provides training to cover training for workplace dust exposure monitoring

Indicative monitoring. Real time methods provide a useful indication of dust concentration within the workplace. However it is important to note the following :

  • There is no current indoor air quality monitoring standard
  • There is no current real time indoor air quality monitoring standard
  • There is no real time work place exposore monitoring for dust

However that said, real time monitoring provide invaluable information especially where aerosols are concerned

The very latest systems can provide real time measurement of dust and a number of gases. Handheld variants provide accurate measurement of pm2.5, pm10 and a single gas

The most important thing to follow are monitoring standards for real time monitoring

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