Air You Sitting Comfortably ?

Please excuse the pun. Yes it is intended

Almost everyday we read about air pollution, we see pictures of buses and lorries pushing out large volumes of smoke and gas. We are then told about the need for electric car and the need to change our behaviour to slow down and stop climate change.

But what about in the home? Whilst we have constituents of outdoor road side pollution within our buildings we also have other items

  • Products of combustion from gas cookers ( gas and fine particulate)
  • Dust and gas from open fires and log burners
  • VOC’s from furniture, carpets and curtains

A recent report from the WHO suggested that certain potential hazards in the home required stricter guidelines, by monitoring indoor pollutants we can build a better picture of what we are surrounded by. This gives us the opportunity to regulate the flow of fresh air into our homes and to control the devices that contribute to poorer air quality

The 21st Century is here! and with it the amazing technology that allows us to talk to devise and control other systems. So as well as having you fridge talk to your phone to let you know how your tomatoes doing, or having your phone switch your lights on , you might want to use it to look around your house and get feel of the true quality of your environment.

Environmental Monitoring sell and hire a range of different indoor air quality monitoring systems and outdoor air quality systems. We can provide monthly reports and expert assistance. Please scroll down to view some data. This is the detailed professional version. We provide a simpler version which use a traffic light analogy i.e green, amber or red ( good, fair or poor air quality)

My name is Adrian Thiedeman. I have a background in applied chemistry, air and water pollution monitoring and have worked for a number of large consultants and test houses. Amongst our clients have been GSK, Rolls- Royce, Pepsi- Cola

please contact, 07799626406

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