New Hydrogen Sulphide PPB Monitor

Traditional the most accurate way to monitor for hydrogen sulphide was using the Arizona Instruments Gold Leaf Monitor or the Honeywell SPM toxic gas detector. Today this is still true, these techniques are still the most accurate. However other technologies are gaining ground.

The newer technologies have the advantages of being:

a, Continuous

b, Affordable

c, Remotely monitoring to a data dashboard with csv file download

We now Supply our Airmite mini H2S with

real time monitoring of H2S at the ppb level (range 5ppb to 20 pmm).  it also measures:

real time pm10, pm2.5 and pm1

real time Humidity and temperature

GPS location and 4G remote connectivity or ethernet cable connectivity

This is instrument is ideal for waste water treatment, odour monitoring, or nuisance monitoring of hydrogen sulphide odour

ArmiteMini H2S
Airmite Mini H2S from EM-monitors

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