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  • Indoor Air Quality Assesment

    July 3, 2021 by

    When monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ), it is important before we pick up any piece of monitoring equipment, that we have a method and protocol to tell us what we are monitoring, how and where we sample and with what equipment. There are a number of good iaq guides which have devolved from ASHRAE, there… Read more

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Environmental Monitoring ( been working on the compact isokinetic for a number of years. The design came about after reviewing the US EPA method 5 sampler, which is considered to be a reference method. We wanted to incorporate the ideology of the method, i.e flow setting via orifice plate, but couple it with modern tech, such as a digital dry gas meter, and digital manometers. With the latest heater controller ( as an option) we can build a fantastic portable isokinetic sampler. It has a 45lpm pump, however it can be equipped with any other pump. The video shown includes a spray cleaner. This isn’t something we left in the picture, it was placed there deliberately to give perspective. If you would like further information, a quote, please contact Adrian Thiedeman at Environmental Monitoring in Kendal.

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