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  • Monitoring Office Air – New Building Air Quality Monitoring Confusion

    April 7, 2021 by

    The huge issue here is that there are no standards or certification for Indoor Air Quality Monitors. Most companies purchase an unvalidated products to put in their “Smart Building” These are simply not viable. Most of this type of product is garbage purchased on line.

    To put a simple perspective on it, if you felt unwell you would go to a doctor, you wouldn’t go to Asda and ask the person in groceries to provide help? They would sell you an apple!

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Environmental Monitoring ( been working on the compact isokinetic for a number of years. The design came about after reviewing the US EPA method 5 sampler, which is considered to be a reference method. We wanted to incorporate the ideology of the method, i.e flow setting via orifice plate, but couple it with modern tech, such as a digital dry gas meter, and digital manometers. With the latest heater controller ( as an option) we can build a fantastic portable isokinetic sampler. It has a 45lpm pump, however it can be equipped with any other pump. The video shown includes a spray cleaner. This isn’t something we left in the picture, it was placed there deliberately to give perspective. If you would like further information, a quote, please contact Adrian Thiedeman at Environmental Monitoring in Kendal.

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