Indoor Air Quality – Home Test Kits – Hydrogen Sulphide(H2S) & VOC’s

H2S home test kit.

A very simple to use test kit, for you to use in the home. The equipment is deployed in your home and is allowed to sit and take in gases for diffusion, for between 2 and 4 weeks.

After which time it is sent to the laboratory where it is analysed for hydrogen sulphide. The lod ( limit of detection is of the order of the low parts per billion)

H2S Has an unpleasant “rotten egg” smell, usually when the concentration is at or above the 5 micrograms/m3. The WHO (World Health Organisation) Sets a limit of 7micrograms /m3 as a 30min average. Above this level authorities would expect to receive significant complaints


Can cause :

  • eye irritation
  • headaches
  • Nausea

The lowest adverse effect of H2S as reported by the WHO, tends to occur in concentrations above 15mg/m3 ( around) 10 ppm)

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Workplace Exposure Monitoring & Training


Environmental Monitors(see have been offers a new affordable workplace exposure monitoring service that our clients appear to like .

Traditionally a company would invite a consultant in to physically perform a survey of the workplace. For medium to large companies, this tends to work well. A professional service is offered, a report is duly submitted and recommendations are made.

Our aim is to put the person responsible for workplace exposure monitoring with the organisation into the shoes of the consultant. In doing this we begin a journey for:

  • knowledge
  • process
  • exposure limitation

For this example we will consider inhalable and respirable dust

We offer:

  • Training
  • Methods of monitoring compliant with HSE requirements (MDHS methods)
  • The latest workplace exposure monitoring equipment to comply with the standard
  • Calibration of the equipment
  • Supply of preweighed filter medium
  • All filters and media are from a UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Basic report turn around time 2-3

We provide all the necessary knowledge, equipment and test materials to enable you to perform a test. Once the test is complete a report is issued approximately 2-3 weeks later.

The report will contain a summary of result, calculation to give a concentration and a 8 hour TWA ( time weighted average)

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Kendal’s Mint Cake Fresh Air

c;lean air monitring

We have three things in abundance in Kendal in Cumbria:


Kendal Mint Cake

Clean Fresh Air

Environmental Monitoring can provide an app driven air monitor, so you too can have mint cake fresh air

My name is Adrian Thiedeman, I live in Kendal in Cumbria. I have a background in applied chemistry, air & water pollution control and have spent the majority of my life providing monitoring solutions to consultants, universities, Government agencies and large manufacturers.

In the UK were are aiming to meet the WHO ( World Health Organisations) recommendations on fine particulate. Only today (21st of Feb 2020) The Government announced a ban on burning coal and certain logs on open fires and log burners.

We are constantly talking about traffic congestion and the pollution created by diesel vehicles, which includes fine particulate(pm10, pm2.5 and pm1) as well as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

So what are we offering? Some organisation require very accurate professional monitoring equipment and testing services. Environmental Monitoring provide workplace exposure monitoring testing.

The type of organisations and people who want to know about their air quality ( pm10/pm2.5 and NO2) include Schools and colleges, nurseries, local authorities, fires services, public buildings, offices , architects, building engineers, facility managers

However many locations require a small unobtrusive device to run in the background and to provide a 24/7 outline into how good the air quality is, all on a neat easy to read app.

Environmental Monitoring provide a simple traffic light guide system or for an additional fee monthly reports. 01539 727878