Kendal’s Mint Cake Fresh Air

c;lean air monitring

We have three things in abundance in Kendal in Cumbria:


Kendal Mint Cake

Clean Fresh Air

Environmental Monitoring can provide an app driven air monitor, so you too can have mint cake fresh air

My name is Adrian Thiedeman, I live in Kendal in Cumbria. I have a background in applied chemistry, air & water pollution control and have spent the majority of my life providing monitoring solutions to consultants, universities, Government agencies and large manufacturers.

In the UK were are aiming to meet the WHO ( World Health Organisations) recommendations on fine particulate. Only today (21st of Feb 2020) The Government announced a ban on burning coal and certain logs on open fires and log burners.

We are constantly talking about traffic congestion and the pollution created by diesel vehicles, which includes fine particulate(pm10, pm2.5 and pm1) as well as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2)

So what are we offering? Some organisation require very accurate professional monitoring equipment and testing services. Environmental Monitoring provide workplace exposure monitoring testing.

The type of organisations and people who want to know about their air quality ( pm10/pm2.5 and NO2) include Schools and colleges, nurseries, local authorities, fires services, public buildings, offices , architects, building engineers, facility managers

However many locations require a small unobtrusive device to run in the background and to provide a 24/7 outline into how good the air quality is, all on a neat easy to read app.

Environmental Monitoring provide a simple traffic light guide system or for an additional fee monthly reports. 01539 727878



Pid Hire & Sales

Environmental Monitoring are a specialist supplier of pid’s ( photo ionisation detectors) for hire and sale. What makes us different? When you hire from us, immediately your getting an expert advising you. We will go through your monitoring application and determine whether if the instrument if suitable for your application. Not all vapours can be monitored and measured using a pid. it may require an fid, or infra red monitor, it may even by ftir or gc monitoring that is required. For speciation the simplest method is using absorption tubes followed by analysis.

For hire prices contact our hire rates start at £75 for a personal worn pid, Hand helds start at £100

Recently a pharmaceutical client needed to measure a specific solvent in a vent stream. However we were able to determine that two factors made it not useable. 1st the the ionisation potential was such that it would not be visible and secondly there was moisture in the stream. This would cause the lamp not to work

In order for a gas to be “visible” the ionisation potential(ip) of the gas being monitored must be less than that of the lamp. A standard lamp has a IP of 10.6 eV so that a solvent such as IPA with an IP of 10.1 will be “visible” and can therefore by monitored. Whereas a substance such as carbon tetrachloride has an ip of 11.47. it will not be “visible” to a 10.6 eV lamp but can been “visible” to a 11.7 eV lamp

For further information and help with you monitoring contact Environmental Monitoring