Workplace Monitoring

The most requested form of exposure monitoring is the monitoring of air for dust. Currently the most significantly adopted methods are gravimetric such as MDHS14/4 However the future of this is likely to change with the advancement of microsensors and phone based technology

Gravimetric Exposure Monitoring

The classic standard procedure is to use equipment like this. First have a method to follow, next calibrate, your kit. Analyse your samples with accredited laboratory. Review the spread and accuracy of your result. The important thing about this approach is the there is a repeatable method with a degree of validation. It is relatively simple to understand and can be undertaken by a competent person. For more information of this method for general dust monitoring, welding fume monitoring and respirable crystaline silica

Real time dust & gas remote monitoring

New cell and infra red technology is allowing more compact but more importantly they are becoming more and more accurate and precise at lower and lower levels. This makes detecting gases in the work place not only a reality but an affordable reality. However what is lacking is: a method of monitoring using this type of equipment and a method of validating these systems. This is being worked on, and a few systems do have on board calibration systems. my prediction is that insitu workplace monitoring will become the norm and a requirement. Real time remote exposure monitoring for workers will also become a norm . For real time remote workplace monitoring and realtime remote air quality monitors for : PM10, PM2.5, NO2, NO, SO2, O3, CO,CO2 and other contact or contact

Realtime workplace monitoring

real time dust exposure monitors for pm2.5 and pm10 are currently available. These are worker worn for the 8 hour exposure period and can then be downloaded. Currently there is no recognised method for reporting the results obtained from one of these units. However it gives excellent guidance. if you wish to purchase or hire a real time personal exposure monitor please contact

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